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What does Reha mean?‍

Reha means star and is originally of Indian origin. We picked this name because we believe that our most meaningful connections and life path can be interpreted from the help of the stars.

How does Reha work?‍

First, you must create a profile on the app. Then, on a weekly basis, we show you you what’s going on in the cosmic sky.

You can choose to view the following sections of the app:

*Veda data: Your Vedic astrological data which shows you insights to your relationship patterns based on your moon, sun and rising signs

*Astro guide: An in depth guide which explains and shows you all your personal, unique Vedic astrology planets and signs

*Compatibility reports: Discover your compatibility with a loved one, friend, and/or partner. You’ll learn about the soul and emotional connection, how you relate to each other in love and how your personalities get along.

*Ask Reha: this is coming soon!

What type of Astrology do you use?‍  

We use Vedic astrology. This is also called Sidereal zodiac system. We use the whole sign house system.

What is the difference between Vedic and Western astrology?

The main difference between Vedic and Western astrology stems from how the days are measured. Western astrology uses the 24 hours in 1 day measurement of time whereas Vedic astrology uses 23 hours 56 minutes in 1 day measurement. Essentially the differences will shift the signs every 72 years since the zodiac signs depend on the start degree of the Earth’s axis. This is why sometimes your Western and Vedic zodiac signs will differ.

What is a birth chart?‍

A birth chart is the map of where the planets were the exact moment you were born. Think of this as a snapshot of the galaxy the moment you entered the world. It tells you where all the major planets are in location and what sign they are in. There are 10 different celestial bodies we track in Vedic astrology (Rising, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu). The birth chart is a tool to help us understand what cosmic energy is influencing our lives and the connections we make with other people.

How accurate does my birth information need to be?

The birth information needs to be accurate as possible for birth date, birth time and birth location. We realize that not everyone will have such accurate information. The more accurate the birth information, the more accurate we are able to provide compatible matches.

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