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Full Moon πŸŒ• July 13, 2022

Who's crying? Not me. πŸ˜” Who's feeling inspired with ideas? πŸ˜ƒ Maybe me πŸ™Œ

July 13, 2022

Who's crying? Not me. πŸ˜” Who's feeling inspired with ideas? πŸ˜ƒ Maybe me πŸ™Œ

Full moon in Vedic Sagittarius on July 13th wants you to plant the seeds of your ideas and practice patience. It’s in the lunar star Uttara Ashadha which stands for later victory.

During the full moon, emotions are heightened and sleeping habits may even be affected. If there is anything currently in your life that feels like excess or is no longer serving you, it is time to let go of it in order to make more room for newer, brighter things to come in.

‍The past will no longer have a tight grip on you, you are READY to accept the entirely different life that is heading your way.

The lunar mansion being in Uttara Ashadha, meaning β€œlater victory”, indicates that the seeds you were once merely watering are now sprouting, even blooming but still require patience. Reflect back to seeds you might have planted 6 months ago on Jan 2. Acknowledge the progress or perhaps lack of progress you made. Reconnect with the intentions you set and if they no longer serve you, let go of them.

Remind yourself that success and achievements come in many different forms, and there can never be such a thing as β€œflawless.” Continuing to aim for perfection in any area of life with an idealistic approach is only a recipe for self-sabotage and martyrdom. Remain optimistic that the situation will improve, similar to nature, all things take time to grow. Do not expect anything to be perfected overnight.

The main key for getting through this full moon is patience.

Activities for this Full Moon:


  • I give myself love and allow myself to indulge in it too as this helps me accept and work through my insecurities and fear of rejection.
  • I choose not to be a martyr. I am a mentor, not a rescuer.
  • I trust in the journey and the patience for abundance and growth.

Need more advice for this full moon? Check out how to deal with the energy of the week from our post on Sunday.


Sending everyone πŸ’— and πŸ™


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